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Mobile Adventure Game Exhibited in Seattle’s Museum of History and Industry

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Big Fish Games has teamed up with fellow Seattle-based institution, the Museum of History & Industry (MOHAI), to create an installation detailing the development process of their upcoming mobile adventure game, Fetch.

The interactive exhibit highlights various facets of the game’s development, covering the transition from concept art, to design and development, then testing and marketing. There is even a playable demo of Fetch available to visitors, who are encouraged to test the work-in-progress and offer their own unique gameplay ideas.

Headed by the same team behind the Drawn series, Fetch tells the tale of a boy and his dog, who become separated after a (presumably) unfortunate incident with a sentient fire hydrant. The game promises to offer a mix of puzzles and interactive animation, while also working in retro-style arcade games. Fetch is expected to launch within the first half of 2013, and when it does, it will include a museum level that incorporates actual artifacts from MOHAI. Now that’s synergy.

“There are millions of people who play games but most aren’t privy to the process and details that go into actually creating a game,” says MOHAI Executive Director Leonard Garfield, who hopes the Fetch exhibit will “inspire future game makers.” If you’re interested in seeing the “Building a Video Game” installation at MOHAI, you’ve got some time, as it will be on display through September 2013. For more information, visit Big Fish Games.

Top 10 Reasons You’ll Love the Game FETCH

Here are the 10 reasons we think you’ll love FETCH. But we’re a tad biased.

10) Interactive: FETCH was designed to make the most of touch screens. There are Easter Eggs to find in every scene, where a mere tap of your finger will make something come to life. Find some bubble wrap in a box? Pop all the bubbles. Heck, we’d buy the game even if this were the extent of its gameplay. (#OCDconfession)

9) Collectibles: Find 42 dog tags for unbelievably awesome dogs. These dogs are the real world best friends of the developers and their friends.

Kumu and Moke

8) Achievements: Earn 50 achievements with hilarious names, like “That’s a Wrap”, for the aforementioned bubble wrap popping session, and “Turd Place” (you’ll have to find that one out for yourself). Your achievements will be logged in Game Center.

Achievement Card
7) Competition. Show the world just how good you are in six different Game Center leader boards.

6) Arcades: As you explore the world of FETCH, you’ll encounter a variety of old school arcade games. Each one is unique and they get progressively more challenging.

Alien Shooter

5) Adventure: It’s probably been a while since you’ve played a good adventure title, especially on a mobile device. The FETCH world will send you on a wild ride, from city streets, to skull islands, and even to space!

4) Sound: Don’t settle for the same SFX and music looping over and over like you find in most mobile games. FETCH has a rich and diverse music catalog. And the SFX are hilarious and addicting.

3) Dogs: The first domesticated animals; some would argue that they actually domesticated us; dogs hold a special place in our hearts. FETCH was developed as a tribute to the relationship we have with our pets.
Milo and Bear

2) Art: The first thing that anyone says when they play FETCH is, “It’s so pretty!” The art style is what we’d call Retro-Futuristic. It is a fun mash-up between what the 1950s thought we’d be experiencing and the realities of today. Many have described the game as a “living cartoon” or an interactive movie. It’s pure eye candy, screen after screen.

$0.10 Poster
1) Story: Ultimately FETCH is the magical and, at times, heartrending story of a boy and his dog. FETCH’s storyline and simple touch game mechanics bring broad appeal to a wide audience of kids and adults. The storyline is sweet without being saccharine and has just the right amount of cheeky, well-intentioned humor that will bring smiles gamers of all ages.

Classic adventure meets arcade in this visually brilliant, fully interactive experience! Enough said.

FETCH featured in Seattle’s Museum of History and Industry (MOHAI)

External view

The Museum of History and Industry has been a hidden gem of Seattle, but after a move into the Naval Reserve Armory in South Lake Union, it has an even brighter future. MOHAI offers a fresh take on the traditional history museum, weaving in current issues to create a unique and engaging experience that highlights the uniqueness of the Northwest.

Inside MOHAIBig Fish is honored to participate in the launch of the new MOHAI as one of the examples of Seattle’s success in innovation and technology. In the museum, Big Fish introduces guests to the game industry, focusing on how games are made. Attendees walk through the creative process. In this phase of game development, anything goes. Once an idea surfaces that everyone seems really excited for, the refinement stage begins. Refinement of the original idea continues through the development stage of the game. Artists, animators, and programmers come together to build the game. When a working model is available, a team of testers work with the developers to finesse the game. To the delight of many MOHAI guests, people can actually play some of the early working models of the game to see what an unfinished game in development is like for game testers.

Although the Big Fish game catalog has a number of beloved games, we chose to use a brand new title, Fetch, as the example in the exhibit. Fetch is the latest opus from the team behind the award-winning Drawn series. Fetch is a charming interactive story about a boy and his dog Bear. When Bear is mysteriously nabbed by a fire hydrant, the boy goes on a wild adventure to find his best friend. Everyone we’ve shown Fetch to has remarked on how much the game looks and feels like you’re playing a Pixar or Dreamworks movie. This is the first time any museum has showcased a game prior to the game’s release. Fetch is set to release on March 21, 2013 from the App Store.

Fetch is a totally new take on the classic adventure game. It was designed to utilize touch screen mobile device technology. “We needed more than gimmicks to carry the emotion through the story,” said Chris Campbell, Fetch’s Game Director. There are tons of interactive items on ever screen. Even the cut scenes offer players the ability to make things move, squawk, light up, or do something else that adds to the surprise of the moment. Every tap could lead to a new achievement or a collectable, or it could give you points to help improve your standing on the leaderboards. Unlike traditional adventure games, where you figure out the sequence of items in order to progress through the story, Fetch has a wide variety of addictive and challenging arcade mini-games. You must win each arcade game to get the prize item you need to progress through the storyline. Once unlocked, you can play any of the arcade games from the main menu.

With its myriad of cultural references and its old school arcades, Fetch speaks to adults and children alike. The team is creating a whole world around our memories and experiences with childhood. The game is filled with nostalgia even down to its retro-futuristic art style.

“We designed Fetch from the ground up for the touch screen and we’ve been told it feels more like an interactive animated movie than a game.  Much of that is due to the story having a timelessness that I think bridges generational gaps. As a father of two little ones, it is so cool to see equal joy in the faces of parents and children when they play the game.” ~Brian Thompson, Art Director for Fetch

In an interview with All Things D, Brian Thompson and Ann Farrington, MOHAI’s Creative Director, discuss adding a mobile game that hasn’t been released yet to a history museum. “MOHAI wanted to put history in the present.,” said Ann. Brian added, “What’s more contemporary than a game that hasn’t launched yet?”

For those of you in the Seattle area, or those who will be visiting Seattle in the next few months, we highly suggest that you check out MOHAI!

For more information and updates on Fetch, please visit http://www.bigfishgames.com/daily/fetch/

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