MAC Life – Fetch Review

Poised to carve out its spot as one of the most adorable and enchanting point-and-click puzzle adventures of the year, Fetch spins a lighthearted storybook tale of a boy and his search to recover his best pal, a peppy dog named Bear. This charming, science fiction-tinged adventure packs plenty of pooches, perils, and puzzles to pursue, and its kid-friendly vibe makes it a good pick for a game to play with the family.

Fetch’s young protagonist initially sets out into a gloomy, futuristic world to explore, and overcomes obstacles as he searches for his furry friend who’s been dognapped by robots. It’s a laid-back quest that takes some interesting turns through an island infested by robot pirates and, oddly enough, Seattle’s Museum of History and Industry. Each beautifully-crafted setting is full of interactive elements to poke at, from bubbles of ooze to pop to bird feathers to ruffle, along with caged animals to release. While not every interactive object you fiddle with has a purpose, Fetch’s delightful puzzles are intuitive and inventive. They’re not particularly challenging, but that doesn’t wreck their creative fun.

Collectible hunts and mini-games pop up at frequent intervals, which offer amusing asides that loosely tie into puzzles and your overall progression from one area to the next. Battling pirate ship bombardments, feeding rainbow-spewing sharks, and blasting alien asteroids are among other gaming diversions sprinkled amidst the adventure. They’re varied and entertaining to be sure, though don’t expect a lot of depth in each arcade-like activity.

Playing Fetch often feels like you’re delving through a colorful storybook, and its locations and thoughtful characters bring the world to life with lots of opportunity for interaction. It’s a touching adventure that resonates well with players of all ages, though it’s particularly attuned to dog lovers and younger gamers.

The bottom line. It doesn’t take a long time to play through Fetch from start to finish, but this whimsical, kid-friendly puzzle journey is brimming with style and charm.


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