Go FETCH: Behind the Scenes at MOHAI’s Mobile Game Exhibit

From: Entertainment Designer‘s Elizabeth Alton

Fetch exhibit at MOHAIDo you love to play Angry Birds on your iPhone or Android? Or maybe you prefer the popular Scrabble-inspired app Words with Friends? Chances are if you’re one of the 100 million plus smartphone users in the US, you enjoy some phone gaming. Have you ever wanted to learn more about the creative process of developing your favorite mobile games? A new exhibit at the Museum of History & Industry (MOHAI) in Seattlelets you go behind the scenes to discover what goes into creating a mobile game.

The exhibit, which welcomed the public in December as part of the MOHAI’s reopening, focuses on a mobile game called Fetch that is set to launch in April. The installation was developed in collaboration with video game developer Big Fish Games. It breaks down the entire process of mobile game development from the initial brainstorming sessions to artistic design to wrapping up production.Fetch by Big Fish GamesBig Fish describes Fetch as a “classic adventure game.” It focuses on a boy and his dog, Bear. The mission is to rescue Bear, who has been kidnapped by a rogue fire hydrant. Players have the option of participating in a variety of mini arcade games in order to win prizes and progress through the storyline of the game. Fetch is expected to have a wide appeal with its fun cultural references and classic arcade games.Fetch mobile game exhibitVisitors to the exhibit can view photographs that served as the inspiration for Fetch, from pictures of shaggy dogs to childhood photos of the game developers. They can also witness the evolution of Fetch, through hand-drawn artist renderings that take them from the game’s infancy to its final style. The experience is similar to viewing a storyboard for an animated film. Bear the dog actually gets much shaggier as the drawings progress!

What makes this exhibit unique is its focus on the process of mobile game development. There are a number of museums and exhibits worldwide that focus on videogames and their history, but this is the first exhibit that provides an in-depth look at the entire creation process from start to finish.Fetch at MOHAIThe Fetch installation will be displayed at Seattle’s MOHAI until September. Visitors actually get a sneak peek of the game itself, as it can be played on an iPad that’s part of the exhibit. If you’ve ever wondered how mobile games are created, make your way to MOHAI for a look behind the scenes.MOHAI Seattle

Image sources: bigfishgames.com, blooloop.com, seattlemag.com

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