– Fetch #1 for March 2013

‘Fetch’ – Best new Android, iOS apps of March 2013


Developed over the course of an entire year at a cost of more than $1 million, Fetch elevates the storytelling possibilities of the mobile gaming medium: Smart, funny and heartfelt, it’s the iPad equivalent of a Pixar animated feature and packs a comparable emotional wallop.

Fetch recounts the adventures of Milo, a young boy whose beloved dog Bear is captured by an automated fire hydrant. To rescue his furry friend, Milo must vanquish aliens, battle giant alligators and pilot his own rocket ship, a tale that unfolds across a series of puzzles and mini-games inspired by arcade favorites of days gone by; each new challenge expands and enriches the underlying narrative, and while Milo’s desperate search for Bear proves deeply affecting, credit Big Fish for avoiding cheap sentimentality.

Fetch’s richly drawn characters and larger-than-life storyline may evoke the spirit and sensibilities of classic animated films and children’s picture books, but its technological innovations would be unthinkable in any medium other than mobile. Virtually every item in the game is interactive and responds directly to the user’s touch–for example, tapping bubble wrap will make it pop. It’s an approach that essentially demands players proceed slowly and methodically, exploring each and every facet of Milo’s world, and the more time you spend with Fetch, the more impressive its achievements become–it’s an instant classic, a boy-loves-dog tale that rejuvenates and reinvents the trope in one fell swoop.


Fetch (Developed by Big Fish Games)
Available for: iPad
Price: $4.99

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