Fetch for iPad Review – How Far Would You Go To Rescue Your Best Friend?

fetch_iconFetch is the newest game from Big Fish Games. If you know anything about Big Fish Games, you know that they put out a ton of games regularly and probably have one of the largest catalog of mobile games out there. That doesn’t mean they rush these out the door however. Most of their games are very polished and quite fun with their newest game, Fetch being no different. In fact, Fetch may be one of their best looking games so far with gameplay that has really impressed me, along with a storyline worth following. Fetch tells the tale of a young boy and his quest to rescue his best friend, his dog Bear. He’ll face dangerous obstacles while also using his wits to come out on top.

I know graphics aren’t supposed to be the most important part of the game, gameplay is, but I must emphasize how fantastic this game looks. Everything from the environments to the character design, it all looks so beautifully rendered and adds so much emotion to the game. Not only that, backgrounds are fully animated too where they feel alive and aren’t just static backdrops. Nothing is static at all. You can tab on environmental objects and most of them will react to being tapped on. There’s always something moving around weather it be plants or water flowing or even little critters moving about. The same can also be said about the animated sequences which are so good that I don’t mind watching the cut scenes. What’s great is that they add to the overall story and aren’t just there to fill space. As great as the graphics are, the gameplay is even better!

Yes, thankfully Fetch isn’t just a pretty game with weak mechanics. The overall game is awesome, which is probably the best word to describe it. It combines so many different game types, but it all flows together seamlessly. Most of the game is a side scrolling adventure game where you’ll be moving around from screen to screen interacting with objects while also searching for clues and items. These items are used to interact with the various puzzles and tasks that are scattered throughout the game. Along the way, you’ll also find and interact with video game machines. These break break up the normal gameplay and add elements of variety into the game. For instance, one game will have you shooting down aliens while another game will have your destroying pirate ships with bombs. The game machines re used to provide your character with rewards that need to be earned in order to complete some levels.

Fetch is a game that needs to be experienced as it is hard to convey just how good this game is in writing. There are so many elements in Fetch that make it great, from the storyline to the art direction that I can’t really do it justice in a review. This is probably one of the best games I’ve from Big Fish Games and one of the top games I’ve played this year.

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